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If not a larger washer will usually do the trick. If the replacement door knocker BC dimension is not even close one of the existing holes can be used but the second matching hole must be drilled through the door for the mounting. This leaves the other previous hole to cover up. If puttying and repainting is not an option I have used a third mounting hardware bolt and epoxy it into the unused hole. This gives the appearance on the inside that three bolts are used on this door knocker. This looks natural and is easy to do. The outside portion of the hole is covered by the door knocker but should still be filled with putty to prevent future problems with moisture. With a little luck you will find a matching door knocker.

This will include determining the center to center distance (space between the holes) and selecting a knocker with this same measurement. By doing this there will not be a need to re-drill the door for a new knocker. Choosing a knocker is a very personal experience and there is no right or wrong choices. Pay attention to size and choose a knocker that will look appropriate on your door. If you are unsure it is a great idea to cut out a piece of paper that is the same height and width of the knocker you are thinking of using and tape it against the door (actual shape does not need to be cut out).

Antique Bronze Door Knocker Fox Head Vintage Brass Polished Old Knockers Lion Animal

Antique Bronze Door Knocker Vintage Knockers Brass Animal Polished Wolf Bulldog

Antique Door Knockers Ornate Pineapple Knocker Iron Solid Brass Chime Owl Animal

Antique Door Knockers Woodpecker Knocker Front Chrome Bee Owl Cat Fox Animal

Big Door Knockers Brass Knocker Victorian Gold With Peephole Satin Chrome Animal

Knockers were common and practical in Dickens era but theyve since become replaced by the electric doorbell as the standard alert. Some people use them as decorative ornaments but unlike the knockers from the mid-1800s they serve no practical purpose. Doorways and entrances help define the architectural style of the rest of the structure and any elegance bestowed upon them sets a house apart from its neighbors. While the porch is a gathering place a quality door knocker is the focal point of the entryway. Door knockers dont have a written history but as long as there have been doors there have been alerts that signal a visitor.

A knockers is not only a functional device but at the same time it can be a stylish and decorative focal point that could attract your visitors attention. Although it may just consist of a fitting with metal ring chrome door knockers is a perfect ornate for elegant doors. However before you decide to buy chrome door knockers for your house it is very important that you determine its purpose first. Whether it is just for aesthetic reasons or more on functional. Or you can also have both functional and stylish knockers based on your taste and personal preference.

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