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Fox Door Knocker Satin Nickel Cat And Mouse Knobs Knockers Unusual For Sale Brushed Steel Animal

The holes being small due to smaller diameter mounting hardware is easily fixed with a drill. If the holes are to far apart or to close this is another matter. The distance between the holes is called the Bolt Center or BC dimension. There is a reason for this seemingly odd name. You want the bolt to go through the center of the hole so this is the point that you would mark the door to be drilled. The problem you run into when replacing an existing door knocker is the holes are already drilled through your door. On the outside the holes can be covered by the knocker itself but on the inside they are exposed.

Although the popularity of specific designs changes over time there are lovely patterns that are always a classic and welcome addition to any entryway set. Lions and Animals Animal door knockers lions especially are a timeless pattern for most any architectural style. The dramatic designs offer something unique to the home and can be coordinated with most pre-existing door hardware. One of the most wonderful examples is shown below a hand cast solid brass lion head door knocker. Doctors Door Knockers This pattern may not be as well known today but at one point it was a method of identifying the profession of the home owner for potential clients.

Especially if you are purchasing a gift. You may not know exactly what you want. The decor of the home should be considered. Door knockers come in many styles and finishes. You would not place an ultra modern style door knocker on a colonial style home. Many traditional styles do not fit in well with modern houses. If your purchase is for a wedding gift or housewarming gift and you may not know where the door knocker will wind up. In this case there are many styles available that are universal. If not certain of the final location it is best to stay simple. Do not get to fancy. A simple style goes with most decors.

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