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The most common designs during these times were of human and animal faces and the workmanship of the early iron door knockers were so elaborate that they could be compared with the most-polished sculptures. The main objective of a door knocker is to let the residents of a house know that someones in the door as well as save the knuckles of visitors from being bruised or blemished. Some were crafted for decorative purposes and the most common designs were made of iron pewter brass or stainless steel. These were made to withstand all outdoor elements as well as to remain durable for years.

Be aware that this very often is not the case. Remember that if your door knocker is solid brass is may be easier to simply refinish the existing one. Choosing a chrome door knocker for your home should be a personal experience. Your taste and personal preference must reflect on the style and design of your preferred door knockers. Always remember that knockers is the most beautiful and prominent pieces found in every homes and could create a different look in your entryway. Sometimes it also give hints to your visitors if what are they going to expect inside.

Its not surprising that most homeowners and real estate businesses preferred to use the chrome door knockers when it comes to adorning their doors. Also knockers that are made of chrome is considered to be cheaper compared to brass and other metals. The fact that chrome door knockers are most favored because of its modern concepts and its ability to resist any corrosion due to its chromed outer layer it is definitely a prominent home accessories that will make every houses unique and with a touch of elegance. Chrome door knockers are an item of door furniture purchased to provide a functional focal point to front doors.

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