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Black Door Knocker Pineapple Old Knobs Antique Hardware Custom Knockers Lion Head Brass

These were also heavy enough to make a sound when they were tapped against the door. Door knockers made from cast iron have remained fashionable and must-have items because they were sturdy yet simple pieces. Door knockers fashioned out from pewter which is actually an alloy is often viewed as a popular ingredient for making decorative objects since these are generally easy to produce and also retain a significantly elegant feel and texture. Copper is also a good material for making door knockers. This material is famous for withstanding the natural elements because it does not rust.

This will include determining the center to center distance (space between the holes) and selecting a knocker with this same measurement. By doing this there will not be a need to re-drill the door for a new knocker. Choosing a knocker is a very personal experience and there is no right or wrong choices. Pay attention to size and choose a knocker that will look appropriate on your door. If you are unsure it is a great idea to cut out a piece of paper that is the same height and width of the knocker you are thinking of using and tape it against the door (actual shape does not need to be cut out).

It can be difficult to find a new door knocker with the same BC dimension. Especially if the original one has been there for many years. There is no standard for the BC dimension. The BC for the most part is determined by the design of the knocker. The mounting lugs used to attach the hardware are usually placed at a thicker portion of the casting. This is to give them more strength. Sometimes you have to settle for a replacement that is close. If the two BCs are within 1/4 or 3/8 inch of each other you can usually enlarge the holes in the door a bit to make the fit. If you are lucky the existing mounting hardware will cover the enlarged holes.

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