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Decorative Door Knockers Antique Knobs Knocker Hardware Dragon Solid Brass Old Fashioned

The most common designs during these times were of human and animal faces and the workmanship of the early iron door knockers were so elaborate that they could be compared with the most-polished sculptures. The main objective of a door knocker is to let the residents of a house know that someones in the door as well as save the knuckles of visitors from being bruised or blemished. Some were crafted for decorative purposes and the most common designs were made of iron pewter brass or stainless steel. These were made to withstand all outdoor elements as well as to remain durable for years.

This material has a long life and is available in different creative designs. The rear mounting is done by drilling the door thus the knocker is firmly fixed on it. The styles you choose is a personal affair as it brings out your own attributes. You should however choose a knocker that will look natural on your door. You can renew the look of your front door by installing a new knocker or replacing the old one along with old knobs deadbolts kick plates doorbell and your mail slot. Door knockers have been important symbols throughout history and have been mentioned in a lot of metaphors.

The use of Greek or Roman gods and goddesses is an impressive way to add a dramatic knocker to compliment the size of the door. Smaller knockers tend to appear inappropriate and awkward on larger doors - bold patterns offer a wonderful way to balance the size of the door with the size of the knocker. Nature or Hobbies A modern interpretation of door knockers offers a wide variety of designs never before seen. This can personalize a door and make it stand out even more. A whimsical touch would include flowers knockers nautical themes (such as anchors) lizards tennis rackets etc.

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