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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker Extra Large Knockers Dog Lion Satin Nickel Bee

The simple or elegant door knockers would somehow transform the entire appearance of their doorways and entryways. There are a lot of different designs and styles of knockers that are available on line in which you could choose from. Just like any other home furnitures the purpose of chrome door knockers is not only to relay to the people inside that someone is coming but at the same time to enhance the appearance of your doorway and provide additional attraction. The structural design of the knockers is made up of two parts. The first part was fixed to the door and the other part which was attached by a hinge and used to strike a plate fitted to the door or to the door itself which help the occupants to know that someone is outside.

If not a larger washer will usually do the trick. If the replacement door knocker BC dimension is not even close one of the existing holes can be used but the second matching hole must be drilled through the door for the mounting. This leaves the other previous hole to cover up. If puttying and repainting is not an option I have used a third mounting hardware bolt and epoxy it into the unused hole. This gives the appearance on the inside that three bolts are used on this door knocker. This looks natural and is easy to do. The outside portion of the hole is covered by the door knocker but should still be filled with putty to prevent future problems with moisture. With a little luck you will find a matching door knocker.

The most common designs during these times were of human and animal faces and the workmanship of the early iron door knockers were so elaborate that they could be compared with the most-polished sculptures. The main objective of a door knocker is to let the residents of a house know that someones in the door as well as save the knuckles of visitors from being bruised or blemished. Some were crafted for decorative purposes and the most common designs were made of iron pewter brass or stainless steel. These were made to withstand all outdoor elements as well as to remain durable for years.

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