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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Owl Door Knocker Bumble Bee Magnetic Ben Carson Books Bear Art Deco Exterior Knockers

One thing that you should also consider is the theme of your house or its architectural designs so that the style and design of chrome door knockers that you are planning to buy on line must be appropriate with the design of your or theme of your house. With the advent of online marketing you can now have a full access of the wide choices of the different styles and themes of designer chrome collection that ranges from door knobs and door handles to hinges and accessories that will make your entryways more appealing and attractive. One advantage of door knockers made of chrome over the traditional one is its modern look and durability.

It depicts both decorative and functional qualities fixed on any front door. With a fixture of a new door knocker or a replacement of an existing one you can completely transform your front door to a whole new look. This will change the way; the visitors will look at your front door as the door knocker will attract their attention. The style of these doors keep changing as time goes by however there are classic designs that remain and are still considered elegant. Lions and Animals Some knockers are made in animal designs but the lions shapes have withstood time and kept their popularity.

The finish should match the rest of the hardware. Door knockers not only come in many finishes they are available in many types of metal. The most stable metal and probably the most common is brass. Brass is easy to machine and cast into shapes. It polishes into a bright gold like finish or satins easily and is easy to maintain. Brass also electroplates readily. This allows it to be nickel or copper plated to simulate pewter and bronze finishes. Because brass is non ferrous it will not rust. It will tarnish though for this reason a good lacquer finish is needed or your purchase will look terrible in a very short time.

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