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Queen Bed Frame Gothic Door Knocker Bear Pineapple Lion Earrings Bee

Some classic door knocker designs are installed in such a manner that holes are drilled through the door and a hardware piece from the inside holds the knocker in its place. Some classic knocker designs do not need to have the holes drilled through the door as these are instead screwed into the surface of the doors exterior. Traditional door knockers serve both practical and decorative purposes however it best helps to distinguish your house from the neighbors. You need to know that its always the door that the visitor first sees therefore why not make your doors look classy and extra special through the installation of these lovely pieces? I devote a great deal of time studying door knockers.

This material has a long life and is available in different creative designs. The rear mounting is done by drilling the door thus the knocker is firmly fixed on it. The styles you choose is a personal affair as it brings out your own attributes. You should however choose a knocker that will look natural on your door. You can renew the look of your front door by installing a new knocker or replacing the old one along with old knobs deadbolts kick plates doorbell and your mail slot. Door knockers have been important symbols throughout history and have been mentioned in a lot of metaphors.

If not a larger washer will usually do the trick. If the replacement door knocker BC dimension is not even close one of the existing holes can be used but the second matching hole must be drilled through the door for the mounting. This leaves the other previous hole to cover up. If puttying and repainting is not an option I have used a third mounting hardware bolt and epoxy it into the unused hole. This gives the appearance on the inside that three bolts are used on this door knocker. This looks natural and is easy to do. The outside portion of the hole is covered by the door knocker but should still be filled with putty to prevent future problems with moisture. With a little luck you will find a matching door knocker.

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