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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Entry Door Hardware Lion Knocker Cast Iron Front Knockers Antique Contemporary Head Black

Although the popularity of specific designs changes over time there are lovely patterns that are always a classic and welcome addition to any entryway set. Lions and Animals Animal door knockers lions especially are a timeless pattern for most any architectural style. The dramatic designs offer something unique to the home and can be coordinated with most pre-existing door hardware. One of the most wonderful examples is shown below a hand cast solid brass lion head door knocker. Doctors Door Knockers This pattern may not be as well known today but at one point it was a method of identifying the profession of the home owner for potential clients.

Its not surprising that most homeowners and real estate businesses preferred to use the chrome door knockers when it comes to adorning their doors. Also knockers that are made of chrome is considered to be cheaper compared to brass and other metals. The fact that chrome door knockers are most favored because of its modern concepts and its ability to resist any corrosion due to its chromed outer layer it is definitely a prominent home accessories that will make every houses unique and with a touch of elegance. Chrome door knockers are an item of door furniture purchased to provide a functional focal point to front doors.

There is nothing visible on the inside when surface mounting is used. If this is the first installation of a door knocker on this door either method may be used. If you are replacing an existing door knocker that has a through the door mount you will have the existing holes in the door to consider. Is it engraved? What are you going to engrave? Is your purchase engraveable? These questions need to be thought out before you purchase. It is advisable to purchase your door knocker from the same company that is going to engrave it. This way you should receive good advice as to what can be done and for how much money. You must also consider that engraving could damage the surface.

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