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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Anchor Door Knocker Brushed Nickel Hinges Engraved Satin Modern Polished Antique Brass With Peephole Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware

The finish should match the rest of the hardware. Door knockers not only come in many finishes they are available in many types of metal. The most stable metal and probably the most common is brass. Brass is easy to machine and cast into shapes. It polishes into a bright gold like finish or satins easily and is easy to maintain. Brass also electroplates readily. This allows it to be nickel or copper plated to simulate pewter and bronze finishes. Because brass is non ferrous it will not rust. It will tarnish though for this reason a good lacquer finish is needed or your purchase will look terrible in a very short time.

There is nothing visible on the inside when surface mounting is used. If this is the first installation of a door knocker on this door either method may be used. If you are replacing an existing door knocker that has a through the door mount you will have the existing holes in the door to consider. Is it engraved? What are you going to engrave? Is your purchase engraveable? These questions need to be thought out before you purchase. It is advisable to purchase your door knocker from the same company that is going to engrave it. This way you should receive good advice as to what can be done and for how much money. You must also consider that engraving could damage the surface.

Anchor Door Knocker Dragon Brass With Peephole Designer Knockers Modern Large For Sale Brushed Nickel

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Bird Door Knocker Brushed Chrome Lion Head Gold Knobs Venetian Bronze Oil Rubbed Interior Nickel

A knockers is not only a functional device but at the same time it can be a stylish and decorative focal point that could attract your visitors attention. Although it may just consist of a fitting with metal ring chrome door knockers is a perfect ornate for elegant doors. However before you decide to buy chrome door knockers for your house it is very important that you determine its purpose first. Whether it is just for aesthetic reasons or more on functional. Or you can also have both functional and stylish knockers based on your taste and personal preference.

Different manufacturers describe them as Grecian Urns or Victorian Urns. Each appears to have some merit. It is possible that the relationship to eras revolves around the designs used as each period features its own distinctive style of ornamentation. Some are embellished with flower patterns while others have leaves and feathers. Among my personal favorites being an engraver is the old standard swirling vine pattern that generally seems to fit the urn door knocker form well. I have even come across them adorned with cherubs and angels.

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