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Oil Rubbed Bronze Interior Door Knobs Lion Knocker Engraved Satin Nickel Brushed Hinges Animal Antique Brass

It is often mentioned that while a homes porch serves as focal gathering point for residents a traditional door knocker serves as the focal piece of the homes entryway. There has been a lot written about door knockers as these were devices that alerted the presence of an incoming visitor as well as for the eerie sound it makes during the middle of the night perfect for classic horror movie stuff. The earliest traditional door knockers were crafted from wrought iron and these consisted of a thick ring and a plate. This design was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The finish should match the rest of the hardware. Door knockers not only come in many finishes they are available in many types of metal. The most stable metal and probably the most common is brass. Brass is easy to machine and cast into shapes. It polishes into a bright gold like finish or satins easily and is easy to maintain. Brass also electroplates readily. This allows it to be nickel or copper plated to simulate pewter and bronze finishes. Because brass is non ferrous it will not rust. It will tarnish though for this reason a good lacquer finish is needed or your purchase will look terrible in a very short time.

This material has a long life and is available in different creative designs. The rear mounting is done by drilling the door thus the knocker is firmly fixed on it. The styles you choose is a personal affair as it brings out your own attributes. You should however choose a knocker that will look natural on your door. You can renew the look of your front door by installing a new knocker or replacing the old one along with old knobs deadbolts kick plates doorbell and your mail slot. Door knockers have been important symbols throughout history and have been mentioned in a lot of metaphors.

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