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Business Door Hangers Flyers Hanger Advertising Unusual Knockers Design Personalized Knocker Engraved Custom

As mentioned above as-well as being a functional device they can also be added to front doors to provide a stylish focal point that is pleasing on the eye. When choosing door knockers it is important to consider whether yours will be functional or purely aesthetic those that serve the purpose of both are chrome door knockers. For instance chrome knockers are a much more contemporary take on the knocker theme available for purchase in a range of funky and unique styles. Positive selling points take account of a lighter and manageable material thus having the advantage of a cheaper price in comparison to brass knockers.

These were also heavy enough to make a sound when they were tapped against the door. Door knockers made from cast iron have remained fashionable and must-have items because they were sturdy yet simple pieces. Door knockers fashioned out from pewter which is actually an alloy is often viewed as a popular ingredient for making decorative objects since these are generally easy to produce and also retain a significantly elegant feel and texture. Copper is also a good material for making door knockers. This material is famous for withstanding the natural elements because it does not rust.

Some door knockers also come with a viewer lens for home safety or security. With all these new design options available it would seem that people would flock to metalworkers to design a variety of different door knockers for their homes but most modern houses prefer the classical ring knocker or crescent moon knocker found in hardware stores or online. Door knockers are more popular in England than in any other country and can be found everywhere even in the most remote locations. However the history of door knockers begins several thousand years ago in Ancient Greece.

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