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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Front Door Knockers Pineapple Knocker Personalized Hangers Brass Silver Lion Head Custom

Urn door knockers can be found that are mounted to the door by one of two methods. One method uses screws that pass through the knocker and screw into the door. The other method uses bolts or other hardware that goes entirely through the door. Either method works well on wooden doors but the through the door method works best on other doors. It seems that I have answered my own question. The urn door knocker is popular for many good reasons the least of which is that they really look great on the entrance way to a home. The selection of a door knocker may be a bit more difficult than you imagine.

The finish should match the rest of the hardware. Door knockers not only come in many finishes they are available in many types of metal. The most stable metal and probably the most common is brass. Brass is easy to machine and cast into shapes. It polishes into a bright gold like finish or satins easily and is easy to maintain. Brass also electroplates readily. This allows it to be nickel or copper plated to simulate pewter and bronze finishes. Because brass is non ferrous it will not rust. It will tarnish though for this reason a good lacquer finish is needed or your purchase will look terrible in a very short time.

In olden times there were two different hand-knockers one male and one female as it was considered inappropriate for the woman of the house to open the door to a man. Visitors would use the knocker according to their gender. Each knocker would make a different sound so the woman of the house would know whether or not she should open the door. These gender-based knockers have become less popular in modern times. Door knockers have been used to symbolize everything from hospitality to good luck to warding off bad spirits. With recent ironmongery technology more iconic door knockers can be made by twisting the metal into intricate designs.

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