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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Hanger For Door Unique Knockers Silver Knocker Flyers Lion Custom Hangers

One thing that you should also consider is the theme of your house or its architectural designs so that the style and design of chrome door knockers that you are planning to buy on line must be appropriate with the design of your or theme of your house. With the advent of online marketing you can now have a full access of the wide choices of the different styles and themes of designer chrome collection that ranges from door knobs and door handles to hinges and accessories that will make your entryways more appealing and attractive. One advantage of door knockers made of chrome over the traditional one is its modern look and durability.

Furthermore the chrome devices have a more modern look and feel to them making them a popular choice for newer houses across the country as apposed to the traditional look of black iron door knockers. In what is perhaps the most famous scene from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge receives a dreadful fright from his departed partner Jacob Marley. When the rich old curmudgeon reaches for his door knocker it takes the form of the dead mans face for a brief moment. It serves as a frightening preview of the ghosts that haunt Scrooge throughout the night. Although its one of the most famous literary scenes involving a knocker it wouldnt work today.

The holes being small due to smaller diameter mounting hardware is easily fixed with a drill. If the holes are to far apart or to close this is another matter. The distance between the holes is called the Bolt Center or BC dimension. There is a reason for this seemingly odd name. You want the bolt to go through the center of the hole so this is the point that you would mark the door to be drilled. The problem you run into when replacing an existing door knocker is the holes are already drilled through your door. On the outside the holes can be covered by the knocker itself but on the inside they are exposed.

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