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Brushed Nickel Door Handles Lion Knocker Bronze Baldwin Brass Ring Knockers Uk Dragonfly

This design is now used on any home and offers a bold example of a classic pattern. Sizes range from 6 inch to 8 inches: Traditional Door Knockers: Sometimes simplicity is best if you are looking for a classic pattern that will not be a focal point on the door merely used to accent existing hardware. The traditional knocker is a basic design most traditional utilizing a ring and plate installed directly to the door to prevent damage. These knockers are usually unadorned or with a simple roped pattern. Mythological Door Knockers Larger doors can support much larger and much more ornate designs.

Especially if you are purchasing a gift. You may not know exactly what you want. The decor of the home should be considered. Door knockers come in many styles and finishes. You would not place an ultra modern style door knocker on a colonial style home. Many traditional styles do not fit in well with modern houses. If your purchase is for a wedding gift or housewarming gift and you may not know where the door knocker will wind up. In this case there are many styles available that are universal. If not certain of the final location it is best to stay simple. Do not get to fancy. A simple style goes with most decors.

This material has a long life and is available in different creative designs. The rear mounting is done by drilling the door thus the knocker is firmly fixed on it. The styles you choose is a personal affair as it brings out your own attributes. You should however choose a knocker that will look natural on your door. You can renew the look of your front door by installing a new knocker or replacing the old one along with old knobs deadbolts kick plates doorbell and your mail slot. Door knockers have been important symbols throughout history and have been mentioned in a lot of metaphors.

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