Doorbell Wiring Fox Head Door Knocker Wireless Door Chime Doorbell Transformer Doorbell Chime Cover Pineapple Door Knocker Plug In Doorbell

Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Doorbell Wiring Fox Head Door Knocker Wireless Chime Transformer Cover Pineapple Plug In

I find them fascinating historically as well as artistically. Over time many common designs have evolved. Some designs have turned out to be more popular than others. The urn style is among these. The ornaments and patterns have changed but the basic shape has remained. It has always interested me as to what made the classic urn style so well liked. The look does sort of resemble an ancient urn but in reality it does not really look much like one. In contemporary times people have little relation the urn with the exception of a burial container following cremation. What then makes the urn shape so popular for a door knocker? There are varying versions of the ascendance of the design. It is said that the classic urn shape has its origins in the Grecian or Victorian times.

If lacquered or plated the engraving process can cut through and expose the base metal below. An engraved door knocker should be engraved before the plating or lacquering process. A door knocker makes a wonderful gift or is a great addition to your own home. Careful shopping and little research will go a long way in getting the best value. Are you about to replace an older doorknocker with a new one? Perhaps you are looking for a different style or finish. In any case shopping for a door knocker can be a frustrating task. There is not only the choice of style and finish you must match or cover the impressions and holes left from the previous one.

Copper in turn oxidizes which protects it from rust and ages gracefully unlike other metals. These qualities make copper a good material for door knockers making them stronger and more durable for decades to come. Another material which bodes well for making door knockers is stainless steel. This material is famous for being strong and resistant to corrosion. Decorative door knockers made from stainless steel were very popular especially during the early 1900s. For those who wish to have traditional door knockers installed in their homes first they need to find out the type of installation procedure to implement.

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