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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

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It can be difficult to find a new door knocker with the same BC dimension. Especially if the original one has been there for many years. There is no standard for the BC dimension. The BC for the most part is determined by the design of the knocker. The mounting lugs used to attach the hardware are usually placed at a thicker portion of the casting. This is to give them more strength. Sometimes you have to settle for a replacement that is close. If the two BCs are within 1/4 or 3/8 inch of each other you can usually enlarge the holes in the door a bit to make the fit. If you are lucky the existing mounting hardware will cover the enlarged holes.

Although the popularity of specific designs changes over time there are lovely patterns that are always a classic and welcome addition to any entryway set. Lions and Animals Animal door knockers lions especially are a timeless pattern for most any architectural style. The dramatic designs offer something unique to the home and can be coordinated with most pre-existing door hardware. One of the most wonderful examples is shown below a hand cast solid brass lion head door knocker. Doctors Door Knockers This pattern may not be as well known today but at one point it was a method of identifying the profession of the home owner for potential clients.

It depicts both decorative and functional qualities fixed on any front door. With a fixture of a new door knocker or a replacement of an existing one you can completely transform your front door to a whole new look. This will change the way; the visitors will look at your front door as the door knocker will attract their attention. The style of these doors keep changing as time goes by however there are classic designs that remain and are still considered elegant. Lions and Animals Some knockers are made in animal designs but the lions shapes have withstood time and kept their popularity.

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