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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Wireless Door Chime Wired Bell Doorbell Kit Plug In Brass Fox Knocker

If not a larger washer will usually do the trick. If the replacement door knocker BC dimension is not even close one of the existing holes can be used but the second matching hole must be drilled through the door for the mounting. This leaves the other previous hole to cover up. If puttying and repainting is not an option I have used a third mounting hardware bolt and epoxy it into the unused hole. This gives the appearance on the inside that three bolts are used on this door knocker. This looks natural and is easy to do. The outside portion of the hole is covered by the door knocker but should still be filled with putty to prevent future problems with moisture. With a little luck you will find a matching door knocker.

Furthermore the chrome devices have a more modern look and feel to them making them a popular choice for newer houses across the country as apposed to the traditional look of black iron door knockers. In what is perhaps the most famous scene from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge receives a dreadful fright from his departed partner Jacob Marley. When the rich old curmudgeon reaches for his door knocker it takes the form of the dead mans face for a brief moment. It serves as a frightening preview of the ghosts that haunt Scrooge throughout the night. Although its one of the most famous literary scenes involving a knocker it wouldnt work today.

It depicts both decorative and functional qualities fixed on any front door. With a fixture of a new door knocker or a replacement of an existing one you can completely transform your front door to a whole new look. This will change the way; the visitors will look at your front door as the door knocker will attract their attention. The style of these doors keep changing as time goes by however there are classic designs that remain and are still considered elegant. Lions and Animals Some knockers are made in animal designs but the lions shapes have withstood time and kept their popularity.

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