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Antique Door Knockers Chime Brass Pineapple Knocker Chrome Bumble Bee Doorbell Transformer Dragonfly Michael Healy

Different manufacturers describe them as Grecian Urns or Victorian Urns. Each appears to have some merit. It is possible that the relationship to eras revolves around the designs used as each period features its own distinctive style of ornamentation. Some are embellished with flower patterns while others have leaves and feathers. Among my personal favorites being an engraver is the old standard swirling vine pattern that generally seems to fit the urn door knocker form well. I have even come across them adorned with cherubs and angels.

Some classic door knocker designs are installed in such a manner that holes are drilled through the door and a hardware piece from the inside holds the knocker in its place. Some classic knocker designs do not need to have the holes drilled through the door as these are instead screwed into the surface of the doors exterior. Traditional door knockers serve both practical and decorative purposes however it best helps to distinguish your house from the neighbors. You need to know that its always the door that the visitor first sees therefore why not make your doors look classy and extra special through the installation of these lovely pieces? I devote a great deal of time studying door knockers.

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Knockers were common and practical in Dickens era but theyve since become replaced by the electric doorbell as the standard alert. Some people use them as decorative ornaments but unlike the knockers from the mid-1800s they serve no practical purpose. Doorways and entrances help define the architectural style of the rest of the structure and any elegance bestowed upon them sets a house apart from its neighbors. While the porch is a gathering place a quality door knocker is the focal point of the entryway. Door knockers dont have a written history but as long as there have been doors there have been alerts that signal a visitor.

Especially if you are purchasing a gift. You may not know exactly what you want. The decor of the home should be considered. Door knockers come in many styles and finishes. You would not place an ultra modern style door knocker on a colonial style home. Many traditional styles do not fit in well with modern houses. If your purchase is for a wedding gift or housewarming gift and you may not know where the door knocker will wind up. In this case there are many styles available that are universal. If not certain of the final location it is best to stay simple. Do not get to fancy. A simple style goes with most decors.

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