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Blue Crab Door Knocker Earrings Wifi Doorbell Unique Knockers Wireless Lowes Chime Pine Cone Michael Healy

The classic urn design has many areas that are conducive to ornamentation. Of course one of the most popular is the plain polished finish with no ornamentation at all. Most urn designs are perfectly suited for engraving. The common shape offers an excellent engraving area centering the hinge location of the clapper. This area is usually a pleasant rectangular shape that will hold a name or address nicely. Many manufacturers also design an engraving area onto the clapper. This shape can be a square or an oval depending on the manufacturer. The clapper area usually looks good whether it is engraved or not.

If they didnt die of boredom theyd fall asleep and so to wake them up visitors rapped on the door with a short bar of iron attached to a chain. It soon occurred to all that the iron bar could be utilized as a weapon. In order to prevent unwanted attacks they soon learned to attach the bar to the door by a hinge. Thus evolved the modern door knocker. Choosing new door hardware For a selection of knockers to fit any decor many informative sources are available. Choose a style you like including Round lever style or a personalized design. Many different finishes are available. They include brass chrome stainless steel and other miscellaneous finishes. It is important that a good quality item is selected for exterior use.

This is also true of gargoyles which have similar caricatured faces in order to prevent spirits and ghosts from entering the house. There were also good luck knockers which were thought to have magical or healing properties and were used to encourage good luck into the home. These door knockers utilized a motif of good luck charms such as horse-shoes stars suns and flowers. The popular hand shaped knocker is often seen in Muslim countries and was believed to symbolize the Hand of Fatima which protected the house from evil. It was also thought to indicate that the occupants of that house were followers of the Muslim faith.

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