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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Bumble Bee Door Knocker Brass Starfish Post Spore Doorbell Crab Earrings Michael Healy Knockers

Choosing a knocker is typically a decision made on personal preference as-well as the design of the door itself and the exterior of the home; however you should always bear in mind the purpose of the door knocker. Along with other items of furniture for the home the main concept is allowing people outside a house to alert those inside of their presence while providing an attractive addition. The structure of the device consists of a part fixed to the door and an additional part attached by a hinge that may be lifted and used to strike a plate fitted to the door or the door itself- thus making a noise and alerting the occupants within. Although knockers can simply consist of a fitting with a metal ring more often than not they are ornate.

One thing that you should also consider is the theme of your house or its architectural designs so that the style and design of chrome door knockers that you are planning to buy on line must be appropriate with the design of your or theme of your house. With the advent of online marketing you can now have a full access of the wide choices of the different styles and themes of designer chrome collection that ranges from door knobs and door handles to hinges and accessories that will make your entryways more appealing and attractive. One advantage of door knockers made of chrome over the traditional one is its modern look and durability.

Especially if you are purchasing a gift. You may not know exactly what you want. The decor of the home should be considered. Door knockers come in many styles and finishes. You would not place an ultra modern style door knocker on a colonial style home. Many traditional styles do not fit in well with modern houses. If your purchase is for a wedding gift or housewarming gift and you may not know where the door knocker will wind up. In this case there are many styles available that are universal. If not certain of the final location it is best to stay simple. Do not get to fancy. A simple style goes with most decors.

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