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Bumble Bee Door Knocker Wireless Doorbell Lowes Honeywell Dragonfly Personalized Starfish Brass Michael Healy Knockers

Copper in turn oxidizes which protects it from rust and ages gracefully unlike other metals. These qualities make copper a good material for door knockers making them stronger and more durable for decades to come. Another material which bodes well for making door knockers is stainless steel. This material is famous for being strong and resistant to corrosion. Decorative door knockers made from stainless steel were very popular especially during the early 1900s. For those who wish to have traditional door knockers installed in their homes first they need to find out the type of installation procedure to implement.

Urn door knockers can be found that are mounted to the door by one of two methods. One method uses screws that pass through the knocker and screw into the door. The other method uses bolts or other hardware that goes entirely through the door. Either method works well on wooden doors but the through the door method works best on other doors. It seems that I have answered my own question. The urn door knocker is popular for many good reasons the least of which is that they really look great on the entrance way to a home. The selection of a door knocker may be a bit more difficult than you imagine.

These home pieces were especially the rave during medieval periods until the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sadly these iconic home pieces have now been replaced by the electric doorbell; however they are still valued pieces especially when it comes to designing homes the traditional and old-school way. Traditional door knockers come in varied shapes and sizes and are sold in different price ranges as well. Its a historical fact that a homes doorways and entrances aid in defining the architectural flavor and style of the whole structure and any special treatment or addition to these areas of the home will surely help in setting a house apart from the rest of the neighbors.

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