Honeywell Wireless Doorbell Crab Door Knocker Unique Door Knockers Blue Crab Door Knocker Bumble Bee Door Knocker Personalized Door Knocker

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Honeywell Wireless Doorbell Crab Door Knocker Unique Knockers Blue Bumble Bee Personalized Michael Healy

If lacquered or plated the engraving process can cut through and expose the base metal below. An engraved door knocker should be engraved before the plating or lacquering process. A door knocker makes a wonderful gift or is a great addition to your own home. Careful shopping and little research will go a long way in getting the best value. Are you about to replace an older doorknocker with a new one? Perhaps you are looking for a different style or finish. In any case shopping for a door knocker can be a frustrating task. There is not only the choice of style and finish you must match or cover the impressions and holes left from the previous one.

These home pieces were especially the rave during medieval periods until the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sadly these iconic home pieces have now been replaced by the electric doorbell; however they are still valued pieces especially when it comes to designing homes the traditional and old-school way. Traditional door knockers come in varied shapes and sizes and are sold in different price ranges as well. Its a historical fact that a homes doorways and entrances aid in defining the architectural flavor and style of the whole structure and any special treatment or addition to these areas of the home will surely help in setting a house apart from the rest of the neighbors.

If they didnt die of boredom theyd fall asleep and so to wake them up visitors rapped on the door with a short bar of iron attached to a chain. It soon occurred to all that the iron bar could be utilized as a weapon. In order to prevent unwanted attacks they soon learned to attach the bar to the door by a hinge. Thus evolved the modern door knocker. Choosing new door hardware For a selection of knockers to fit any decor many informative sources are available. Choose a style you like including Round lever style or a personalized design. Many different finishes are available. They include brass chrome stainless steel and other miscellaneous finishes. It is important that a good quality item is selected for exterior use.

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