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If they didnt die of boredom theyd fall asleep and so to wake them up visitors rapped on the door with a short bar of iron attached to a chain. It soon occurred to all that the iron bar could be utilized as a weapon. In order to prevent unwanted attacks they soon learned to attach the bar to the door by a hinge. Thus evolved the modern door knocker. Choosing new door hardware For a selection of knockers to fit any decor many informative sources are available. Choose a style you like including Round lever style or a personalized design. Many different finishes are available. They include brass chrome stainless steel and other miscellaneous finishes. It is important that a good quality item is selected for exterior use.

Some classic door knocker designs are installed in such a manner that holes are drilled through the door and a hardware piece from the inside holds the knocker in its place. Some classic knocker designs do not need to have the holes drilled through the door as these are instead screwed into the surface of the doors exterior. Traditional door knockers serve both practical and decorative purposes however it best helps to distinguish your house from the neighbors. You need to know that its always the door that the visitor first sees therefore why not make your doors look classy and extra special through the installation of these lovely pieces? I devote a great deal of time studying door knockers.

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Origins of door knockers A door knocker is an item of door furniture that allows people outside a house to alert those inside to their presence. It has a part fixed to the door and a part (usually metal) which is attached to the door by a hinge that is lifted and used to strike a plate fitted to the door making a noise. The strike plate if present would be supplied and fitted with the knocker. Door knockers are often ornate but may be no more than a simple fitting with a metal bob or ring. Many older period houses and mansions often have intricate knockers in the shape of human heads or mythical beasts. The earlier designs were based on statues that would stand in front of ancient Greek houses. These statues were created with distorted grotesque features and were thought to be used to ward of malignant spirits and witches.

The holes being small due to smaller diameter mounting hardware is easily fixed with a drill. If the holes are to far apart or to close this is another matter. The distance between the holes is called the Bolt Center or BC dimension. There is a reason for this seemingly odd name. You want the bolt to go through the center of the hole so this is the point that you would mark the door to be drilled. The problem you run into when replacing an existing door knocker is the holes are already drilled through your door. On the outside the holes can be covered by the knocker itself but on the inside they are exposed.

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