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Entry Door Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze Michael Healy Knockers Lion Head Knocker Front For Sale Handles

The classic design comprises of a simple ring sometimes with a rope design and a plate fixed on the door directly for damage prevention. Mythological Door Knockers People with large doors should install large knockers as a small piece on a large door will look out of place. Mythological figures like Roman gods and goddesses are also added beauty on a large door as they are made larger than the normal door knockers. They are bold and give a balance between the size of the knocker and the door. Installation FAQ The best knocker to install is one mounted from the rear and made solid materials like brass or iron.

There is nothing visible on the inside when surface mounting is used. If this is the first installation of a door knocker on this door either method may be used. If you are replacing an existing door knocker that has a through the door mount you will have the existing holes in the door to consider. Is it engraved? What are you going to engrave? Is your purchase engraveable? These questions need to be thought out before you purchase. It is advisable to purchase your door knocker from the same company that is going to engrave it. This way you should receive good advice as to what can be done and for how much money. You must also consider that engraving could damage the surface.

It depicts both decorative and functional qualities fixed on any front door. With a fixture of a new door knocker or a replacement of an existing one you can completely transform your front door to a whole new look. This will change the way; the visitors will look at your front door as the door knocker will attract their attention. The style of these doors keep changing as time goes by however there are classic designs that remain and are still considered elegant. Lions and Animals Some knockers are made in animal designs but the lions shapes have withstood time and kept their popularity.

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