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Friday, September 14th 2018. | Door Knocker

Satin Nickel Door Knocker Antique Bronze Handles Knock Black Brushed Knobs Lion Head Oil Rubbed

It is often mentioned that while a homes porch serves as focal gathering point for residents a traditional door knocker serves as the focal piece of the homes entryway. There has been a lot written about door knockers as these were devices that alerted the presence of an incoming visitor as well as for the eerie sound it makes during the middle of the night perfect for classic horror movie stuff. The earliest traditional door knockers were crafted from wrought iron and these consisted of a thick ring and a plate. This design was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Pay close attention to what the door knocker is made of. Some manufacturers get away with making low quality zinc or pot metal castings look good for a short time using plating techniques. The problem with these is the good looks do not last. Soon the plating is chipping and pealing away and corrosion is taking over. What type of mounting is needed? Most door knockers employ either through the door mounting or surface mounting. Through the door mounting involves drilling holes through the door. The mounting hardware passes through these holes and attaches to the door knocker on the outside. On the inside decorative nuts are used to secure the door knocker to the door. Surface mounting uses screws to attach the door knocker to the door.

As mentioned above as-well as being a functional device they can also be added to front doors to provide a stylish focal point that is pleasing on the eye. When choosing door knockers it is important to consider whether yours will be functional or purely aesthetic those that serve the purpose of both are chrome door knockers. For instance chrome knockers are a much more contemporary take on the knocker theme available for purchase in a range of funky and unique styles. Positive selling points take account of a lighter and manageable material thus having the advantage of a cheaper price in comparison to brass knockers.

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