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chain door stopchain door stop

Not only are these items functional but they also provide a style statement and can add some elegance to the décor you have in your home. Door holders and door
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child proof lever door lockschild proof lever door locks

For office purpose we could see the use passage door levers which have a simple locking system. There are also dummy levers having no locks which are specially prepared for
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diy baby proof lever door handlesdiy baby proof lever door handles

They serve the purpose of being able to lock but do not need to be as secure as a front door lock. Door levers on the other hand are more
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satin nickel door leverssatin nickel door levers

However just because you want a high security door handle does not mean that you have to give up the design aspect of the hardware. Finger print door knobs can
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black lever door handlesblack lever door handles

However one category that offers a multitude of possibilities regardless of the architectural features of the home or room decor is transitional. This style incorporates elements of both old and
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child safety door locks lever handleschild safety door locks lever handles
The first thing that should be considered on choosing interior door levers is that the design should be compatible with the interior appearance of the house so that the whole
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lever handle door locklever handle door lock
One of the first things to consider when you are choosing the right type of hardware to use on your house is what the purpose of door knob will be
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lever handle door knoblever handle door knob

These handles are so very comfortable to use. When comes the question of disables or elder people in the home lever handles could get highest concern surely. This type of